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PokerStars Launches Live Dealer Betting Games on Play Money App

The player is then dealt the first card, which changes the odds, and another opportunity to bet follows (you are never required to bet at any time). The dealer’s card is then dealt and the payouts are determined. Side bets are also available. You can bet on the color of the cards as well as their value. All of the dealing is done by a live dealer, as expected; so far every dealer I have had has been an attractive young woman who sounds like she is from an Eastern European country. The cards are giant, so as to be easily seen by the players at home and appear to be imprinted with a barcode. When the dealer pulls them from the shoe, she swipes them over a scanner, which reads the barcode and sends the card ID to the game server so that everything can be calculated properly. The entire time, the dealer narrates what is going on, often explaining what needs to happen for certain results to occur. Most of the dialogue seems like it is being read off of a screen, but I’m not sure. And while all this is nice, most of the dealers I have had speak very quietly, which makes them difficult to understand. As for Bet on Poker, it literally is a game in which you bet on the results of a poker hand.

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